Xbox One Protest Movement Gathers Momentum

Published on June 10th, 2013

Xbox Shun! attracts over 1,000 supporters in less than 24 hours.

Last week’s announcement of ’s restrictive game ownership policy attracted a fair number of critics. We added our voice to the chorus of detractors that demanded Microsoft to reconsider their stance on requiring players to confirm their purchases online every 24 hours and other seemingly senseless DRM measures.

Xbox One Protest Movement Gathers Momentum

If you aren't happy with Microsoft's game ownership policies tell them yourself or alternatively add your voice to the thousands of others who feel the same.

Now it seems gamers have a place to galvanise their pressure on Microsoft, via the Xbox One protest group ‘Xbox Shun!

“While gamers have always enjoyed true ownership of their games, being able to share them with friends, sell them on and play them wherever they are, this is all about to change,” reads a statement on the movement’s website, linked here.

“Microsoft, if unchallenged, is about to lock down games” 

Despite launching under 24 hours ago Xbox Shun! has already attracted over 1,000 signatures from like minded gamers and the likelihood is that number will increase substantially over the coming days.

Regardless of our stance on the Xbox One, it’s good to see gamers apply pressure on corporate entities, if only to remind them who pays their bills.

Will the Xbox Shun! movement make a tangible difference to Microsoft’s strategy regarding the Xbox One? Who knows, but it’ll be very interesting to see how the whole DRM situation evolves.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference kicks off at 5.30pm BST, so expect plenty more news regarding the Xbox One very soon…


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    Xbox One Protest Movement Gathers Momentum

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