PGR 5 Being Prepped for Xbox 720 Launch?

Published on February 6th, 2013

Rumours circulate detailing Project Gotham Racing revival.

Project Gotham Racing has to be one of this generation’s most wasted franchises. The series which has been exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles was beloved during the original Xbox days, with PGR 1 and 2 not only gaining critical acclaim but also impressive sales numbers as well. The series scuppered a little when it transitioned over to the Xbox 360 and when Bizarre Creations jumped ship for Activision, the series was confined to the history books. That is, until now.

PGR 5 Being Prepped for Xbox 720 Launch?

Oh PGR 4, you were so pretty...

Reports are circulating on VG247, NeoGAF, and the unfortunately named STFUandPlay that Project Gotham 5 is in development at Liverpool studio Lucid Games, who are principally formed of ex_criterion and Bizarre Creations staff.

No official response has been made to these rumours, but seeing as both the first and third entry in the PGR series were launch titles for their respective platforms, original Xbox and Xbox 360, then it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Microsoft would follow a similar tactic again.

A revival of the beloved PGR series has been rumoured for literally years at this point, and in our minds it’s certainly the right time for the series to return.

Interestingly VG247 also uncovered what they’re reporting as official teaser art for Lucid Games, which shows the release window as 2013? Could this be the launch date for the successor to the Xbox 360? Only Microsoft knows for sure at this point, so take these rumours with a pinch of salt until you hear official confirmation.

Still, aren’t rumours fun? We’ve reached out to Microsoft so that they can confirm or deny the rumours that PGR5 is indeed in development at Lucid Games. We’ll let you know if they respond…

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    PGR 5 Being Prepped for Xbox 720 Launch?

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