Visceral Games developing DOTA-style action-RTS?

Published on May 2nd, 2012

Visceral Games developing DOTA style action RTS?According to the various job descriptions GamerZines has unearthed over the last 12 months, Dead Space developer Visceral Games could currently be working on anything from Dead Space 3, Army of Four, or an online action shooter.

But today, a new job listing for the studio has thrown another potential project into the ring.

According to a job ad for a Systems Designer, the studio is now seeking an individual with “significant work experience on MOBA, Action RTS, Action RPG, or Related Genres”.


MOBA, one of the less-frequently used genre acronyms, stands for “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”, suggesting Visceral could be developing a DotA-style game.

But up until now, Visceral has only ever dabbled in action games, including the Dead Space series, Dante’s Inferno and The Godfather II. It’s also rumoured to be working on a new IP based on London serial-killer Jack the Ripper.

So what’s it doing developing a MOBA title? Could a Dead Space DotA be in the works? Or is this a red herring designed to throw us off the scent?

Expect to find out more on Visceral’s current whereabouts – including a widely-rumoured first look at Dead Space 3 – during E3.

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    Visceral Games developing DOTA style action RTS?

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