UFC 3 Game Within A Game

Published on November 7th, 2011

UFC Undisputed producer Neven Dravinski has labelled as a “game within a game”, in an interview with Gamerzines.

Speaking at this weekend’s special press preview event, Dravinski told us that the game’s PRIDE mode is “essentially a game within a game – you have Bas Rutten and Steven Quadros doing the audio, new models, new animations, new arenas that need to be tweaked”

He’s also keen to point out how PRIDE’s more brutal rule set (allowing kicks to groudned opponents) changes the strategy of the entire game. “With a position like North South in UFC rules, you’re like ‘well a guy could submit me from there but no big deal’” he said, “but now all of a sudden in PRIDE people are trying to get there because you can use knees to the head etc. I think it’s going to be really cool when people get a chance to play. Like I said it’s essentially a game within a game, but I think the UFC game is better for it, just the fact you can bring Pride guys into the UFC and vice versa and do mirror matches just makes the game richer. Among all the general improvements to the gameplay, having PRIDE in there just puts it over the top for me.”

UFC Undisputed 3 hits stores on February 17th in the UK, for PS3 and 360.


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    UFC 3 Game Within A Game

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