Ubisoft considered multiplayer for I Am Alive

Published on March 7th, 2012

Ubisoft considered multiplayer for I Am AliveIt seems like multiplayer may have once been on the agenda for Ubisoft’s XBLA release , thanks to some mysterious listings hidden in the game’s credits.

The game’s credits list multiple programmers on the development team as having worked on a “Multiplayer Engine” for the game.

There is no multiplayer option, of course, in the final version of I Am Alive.

But it raises the question as to what Ubisoft had planned for a multiplayer component in the game.

Could it have been a post-apocalyptic spin on Assassin’s Creed’s famous ‘Wanted’ mode? As cool as that might sound, we’ll likely never know.

I Am Alive finally launches today on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points.

The game has seen a troubled development, originally starting out as a triple-A boxed product before being downscaled and shifted over to Ubisoft Shanghai for a digital release.

The game has divided the opinion of critics, with some critics claiming it to be “one of [their] favourite games this generation”, and others calling it a “flat, frustrating game that isn’t worth your time or money”.

You can see what we think of it in the next issue of 360Zine, available to download for free from GamerZines.com tomorrow.


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    Ubisoft considered multiplayer for I Am Alive

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