Square Next Gen Community

Published on January 17th, 2012

Square Enix has called for platform holders to consider integrating improved community management options into next-gen consoles that would allow publishers to directly interact with their consumer.

“If you make a game on PC you can manage your community,” said Square Enix’s Worldwide Technology Director Julien Merceron talking to GamesIndustry.biz.

“You know who they are, you have a lot of information, you can have websites, you drive your community, you understand a lot of things.”

But when it comes to console, Merceron believes that there’s more that can be done to manage consumers and make them more aware of ongoing product launches.

“When you release a game on PS3 and 360 it’s way more complex to manage your community.

“Most of the time you basically release your game on PS3 and 360 and then it’s not fire and forget, because obviously there’s DLC, there’s a lot of things the (sic) you can do federate players around your game.

“But having an interaction with your community is definitely complex and one thing I would really like them (the platform holders) to think about is indicate they are going with some of these cloud computing and cloud storage services, they should try to think about how to enable community management, bi-directional interaction, and how it could also enable the many device, many platform aspect because that could be really great next time around.”

So far, only Nintendo has announced its plans for the next-generation with Wii U expected to launch in the second half of this year. The hardware will feature improved online support.

But neither Microsoft nor Sony, however, have yet commented on rumours surrounding their next-generation consoles.

Many expect an E3 reveal for Microsoft’s next Xbox, with rumours pointing to Sony unveiling a successor to its PS3 around the same time.


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    Square Next Gen Community

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