Next Gen Open World Radical

Published on February 16th, 2012

Next Gen Open World Radical developer Radical Entertainment has become the latest developer to discuss next-generation platforms, speculating that their advanced tech could offer significant improvements to open world games.

“Quite frankly I think we’re still touching the surface of what we can do with an open world,” Radical Entertainment’s VP of Technology Dave Frucchia told GamerZines earlier this month.

“An open world is all about an alive world, and if you think about creating something that’s vast and the memory and cycles it takes to actually do that, and then try and put things that are alive and interacting with it (on top), all games could go so much farther in creating a world that (leaves players) surprised by the things you see and the reactions that occur.

“What’s interesting to us is as the next-gen platforms start to come out. The speculation of course is that they’re going to supply us with even more memory, more CPU, more everything, which allows us to put more resources into making those open worlds alive.

“If you think of any open world game I would say that the worlds are cool and they look good and they’re alive, but could they be more? Absolutely.”

It had been rumoured that Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation platforms would both be unveiled at E3 in June. However, both have since suggested that there won’t be any next-gen announcements at the show.

Even so, Radical isn’t the first developer to start discussing the next-generation of consoles.

Way back in April last year, Crytek said that it would like to see “a minimum of 8GB” of RAM from next-gen platforms.

Other studios, including Infinity Ward, Rockstar, Creative Assembly, and LucasArts are also rumoured to be developing tech for future consoles.

Radical’s next game, Prototype 2, is due to launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 24th. A PC release will follow in July.


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    Next Gen Open World Radical

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