Market Sustain Arcade Racers

Published on January 16th, 2012

Commenting on his team’s upcoming project and last year’s high profile closures of Blur and Split Second studios Bizarre Creations and Black Rock Studio, RRU’s producer Joonas Laakso has suggested that the market cannot sustain “simple” arcade racers.

“The market is not fit for a very simple arcade racer anymore,” said Laakso, speaking in the latest issue of GamesTM.

“There was a very definite feeling in the studio of ‘Would this be enough? Even if we make a really good new Ridge Racer, is it going to be enough to sell?”

The team’s concerns led them to create Ridge Racer Unbounded’s unique City Creator.

“Should we package the game with a hundred tracks and a hundred cars or a neat storyline?’” continued Laakso. “It was after these discussions and looking at the technology we had lying around we came up with the City Creator.”

Ridge Racer Unbounded’s City Creator gives players the opportunity to create their very own tracks. According to the game’s box, the game ships with “thousands of tracks” on-disc.

Other publishers and developers don’t appear to share Laakso’s concerns, however.

SCEE, of course, is banking on MotorStorm RC’s success for PlayStation Vita and PSN.

The game is a simple arcade racer built around basic time trial mechanics, implementing a Micro Machines-style isometric viewpoint and featuring short, simple tracks.

A Vita version of Ridge Racer built around the series’ classic arcade mechanics is also due for release at the handheld’s launch.

Meanwhile, Mario Kart Wii, released in 2008 and another ‘simple’ kart racer, is the Wii’s second best-selling title, shifting 28 million copies. Its successor Mario Kart 7 launched on 3DS in December last year and has sold over one million copies.

Ridge Racer Unbounded launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 2nd.


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    Market Sustain Arcade Racers

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