Kotick Brutal Legend

Published on November 9th, 2010

A new interview with Bobby Kotick has shed new light on the controversy and why decided to pass on the Double Fine game headed by Tim Schafer.

In the discussion carried out by Kotaku, Activision’s CEO explained that despite being blamed by many gamers for dropping the game starring Jack Black in 2009, he never dealt with the project personally.

"I could honestly tell you, sitting here, I never saw Brutal Legend and so the judgment of the people who I trust and respect about the quality of the game, and whether or not audiences would be excited and enthusiastic about this game, was ‘No.’ And that’s why it was not a commercial success."

When asked the reasons for dropping Brutal Legend, Kotick’s explanation was clear and he took the opportunity to eradicate any misconceptions about his relationship with Tim Schafer, who recently dubbed him a very naughty word in the specialist press.

"When you have projects that repeatedly miss their milestones, where they change direction multiple times, where lots and lots of the folks who are involved in the game leave, their resource changes, the likelihood that that project is going to be turned around and be successful is very low.

So I think that maybe nobody was able to clearly articulate that this is not a judgement about Tim Schafer. There’s no personal animosity between Bobby Kotick and … I don’t know the guy. Never met him."

Seeing as Kotick has become one of the more controversial figures in the games industry, it’s good to finally hear him speak out about the issues which many gamers vilify him for.

To read more excerpts from this fascinating interview, please follow the link on the right.

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    Kotick Brutal Legend

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