Final Fantasy XIII 2 DLC Guide

Published on February 6th, 2012

Two pieces of unannounced DLC for have been revealed via the game’s Collector’s Edition strategy guide.

CAUTION: FFXIII-2 ending spoilers ahead!

Revealed by the game’s Lead Writer Daisuke Watanabe in an interview with the guide, Watanabe said that one piece of DLC would explain the backstory behind the sudden appearance of Sazh and Dajh during the game’s finale.

“At some point, Sazh and his son Dajh got caught in Serendipity, but they came out alive having won a gamble of fate,” says Watanabe talking about the two characters.

“The full details of this story will be revealed in a planned DLC release.”

Meanwhile, a second piece of DLC will explore the meaning behind the throne of Etro.

“The throne of Etro that appears in The Void Beyond is empty for most of the game. This symbolizes the ever diminishing power of Etro.

“However, in the ending, Lightning sits on the throne. This symbolizes that the world’s very existence relies on her to embody the divine will. As Lighting wants to maintain hope, she enters the crystal stasis in order to protect the will of her sacrificed sister, Serah. We are planning a DLC release to reveal the background of this.”

Square-Enix has previously announced that DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will provide the “opportunity to explore the game’s secrets through story episodes for some of the key characters”, with further details to be revealed at a later date.

Looks like this might be two of them…

Final Fantasy XIII-2 launched last Friday on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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    Final Fantasy XIII 2 DLC Guide

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