FIFA 12 Features Revealed

Published on May 27th, 2011

Today EA has unveiled what players can expect of when it heads to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms later in 2011.

This year’s iteration is being billed as a revolutionary new step for this series thanks to new physics implementation on the field dubbed, the ‘Player Impact Engine.’

This impressive new collision mechanic means that player models no longer merge into one another when two bodies occupy the same space. Instead every point of contact on a player’s body behaves as it should, resulting in more realistic tackles and jostling for the ball.

It sounds like a small touch but judging from the trailer footage – linked on the right – it can make a massive impact when simulating the world’s most popular sport.

"The transformation FIFA 12 has undergone is revolutionary not evolutionary," said this franchise’s executive producer, Kaz Makita. "To create the best and most authentic FIFA game ever, we needed new technology to deliver on our vision. Fans will see, and more importantly feel, the significance of the Player Impact Engine immediately."

The new physics model also includes more realistic injuries forming during matches and better momentum emulation.

Additionally there will also be a new precision dribbling mechanic which allows tighter control over a smaller circumference, a new customisable menu system which features a selection of superstars and the ability to take part in 11 versus 11 matches online with players able to take control of goalkeepers for a first time. Scary stuff!

One more thing, there’s also a newly improved career mode which will be , according to the press release, "driven by the storylines from the real-world of the sport." So player morale, real-life form and league position will all influence proceedings in your game.

We wonder if that’ll extend to off-field shenanigans too – one can only hope.

Inexplicably these new features don’t extend to the PC version of FIFA 12, which we suspect will once again be a year behind.

Expect more news regarding FIFA 12 next week…


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    FIFA 12 Features Revealed

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