Epic Every Review Gears Ref

Published on April 18th, 2011

Epic’s Rod Fergusson has said that almost every game review written has some sort of reference to Gears Of War within it.

Speaking to Eurogamer and addressing the series’ perceived lack of innovation, he said "When Gears 1 came out people said it was derivative and not innovative. I have a Google Alert for Gears of War. Every review that comes out now has a reference to Gears of War somewhere in their game, whether it be the cover mechanic or Horde. Almost every game review has a reference to Gears.

"There are other games out there. Call of Duty is killing it. Halo killed it. We’ll be there too and be a part of that notion of the third-person game and cover-based shooters. We helped establish that genre."

hits on September 20th on Xbox 360. The multiplayer beta is running right now.


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    Epic Every Review Gears Ref

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