EA Crytek New Project Crysis 3

Published on February 20th, 2012

You guessed it: one of those tell-tale job listings has revealed brand new info on another secret project currently in the works at EA.

This time, it looks as if the publisher is back working with Crytek on another new project currently in development at the studio’s Frankfurt office – the same team that developed last year’s awesome .

According to the job listing, EA is searching for a Video Director to “provide inspiration and creative focus” for “partner studio Crytek”, and “work alongside EAGL marketing and Crytek to define the process and work flow and take ownership of this process within the development schedule” – whatever that might mean.

As usual, the job listing doesn’t drop many hints as to what the project might be, but it does say that “CryEngine knowledge (is) an asset”, suggesting whatever game it turns out to be will run on Crytek’s stunning-looking engine.

Could Crytek be working on ? Or could this be an even greater hint at the existence of TimeSplitters 4? We wouldn’t bet against either.

EA has yet to officially announce another project in development at Crytek.

Though Crysis is the only series that Crytek has ever developed in conjunction with EA, the studio still has multiple other projects in the pipe for other publishers.

Crytek Frankfurt is currently working on the Roman first-person brawler Ryse for Microsoft while its Seoul team works on free-to-play military shooter Warface. Crytek UK, meanwhile, has just started work on Homefront 2 for THQ and is also rumoured to be working on TimeSplitters 4, a follow-up to EA’s hit PS2 shooter-series.

Crysis 2 released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC last March through EA’s Partners program.

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    EA Crytek New Project Crysis 3

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