Double Fine THQ Hits

Published on January 13th, 2011

’s Danny Bilson has spoken of his love all things Tim Schafer in a recent interview, but he’s also hinted that future game deals with Double Fine Productions are dependent on how much money and soon to be released make in the short term.

"I really wanna do a lot more with Tim Schafer. I’ve always been a huge Tim fan. Grim Fandango to me is one of the greatest works of art in gaming," explained the publisher’s core games boss to Joystiq.

Currently THQ only has a two game contract with Double Fine – Costume Quest and Stacking – but there is the possibility for new deals to be struck.

"There’s a few more that I’ve identified, but I haven’t made those deals yet," he added. "We’ve gotta get some hits rolling so I have more money to spend, to be honest with you."

Danny Bilson did do his part to talk up Double Fine’s next game, declaring Stacking a product he immediately fell in love with, but it’s clear that a lot is riding on the adventure puzzler pulling in the capital.

Double Fine Productions has crafted some of the most original experiences our industry has ever seen and if you’ve yet to play their last game Costume Quest we urge you to download it right away.

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    Double Fine THQ Hits

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