Dark Souls No Party Chat 360

Published on October 3rd, 2011

The Xbox 360 version of doesn’t let users play the game in Online Mode while they’re connected to an Xbox Live party, GamerZines can confirm.

The bizarre ruling means that users are booted back to the title screen as soon as they join an Xbox Live party while connected to the Dark Souls servers.

Joining a party while playing Dark Souls prompts the following message:

“Cannot continue game because you are in party chat. Returning to title screen…”

Attempting to start a game while already in an Xbox Live party, meanwhile, prompts a different message:

“You are in a party session. Online Mode is inaccessible. Game will start in Offline Mode.”

Dark Souls’ Online Mode lets players share written messages warning other players of danger, or provide tips on how to proceed. It also lets players invade other people’s worlds.

But quite why players aren’t allowed to talk to friends while playing Dark Souls seems an odd decision to make on FROM Software’s part, especially considering the popularity of the Xbox 360′s party function.

The decision to restrict party chat was first mentioned on the Prepare To Die forums back in August and has already prompted some online chatter by disappointed gamers.

One user in particular has declared the decision as a “breach of contract” between Xbox Live Gold subscribers and Microsoft.

If you are still desperate to chat with someone while playing, the Xbox 360′s Private Chat option is still available, but obviously restricts chat to just two people.

We’ve contacted Namco Bandai for comment.

Dark Souls launches in the UK this Friday on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you like a challenge, you’ll love it: it’s tough as nails.


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    Dark Souls No Party Chat 360

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