Codemasters Inception Next Gen

Published on January 23rd, 2012

may already be working on next-generation consoles, if comments made by the firm’s Communications Director Rich Eddy are anything to go by.

Speaking during a tour of the publisher/developer’s Southam studio (and posted by, Eddy said that Codemasters had a secret ‘Inception’ team working on technology that’ll take the firm “through the next five to ten years”.

“There is a door that, today, we really can’t go in,” he said, standing outside the secret room.

“This is ‘Inception’. This is our ideas factory.

“In there we have a whole team of people looking at ideas for technology, game design, all kinds of stuff that’s going to take us through the next five to ten years.”

On Twitter, Codemasters’ ex-Principal Game Designer Tim Browne commented, “So @Codemasters have mentioned the secret ‘Inception’ team now that I was lucky enough to be part of before I left.”

What could the company have up its sleeve…?

Rumours of the next-generation have been swirling across the net for months now, with most pointing towards an E3 reveal for Microsoft’s successor to its Xbox 360.

So far, only Nintendo has revealed its plans for the next-generation with its upcoming Wii U, a new console that features a tablet controller.

But Codemasters may not be the only firm already looking at next-generation technology. Other studios, including Infinity Ward, Rockstar, Creative Assembly and LucasArts are all rumoured to be working on next-gen, too.

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    Codemasters Inception Next Gen

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