Cheap Xbox Live Gold Glitch

Published on June 22nd, 2011

A glitched promotion on that allows users to sign up for or extend their Gold subscription for £1 per month has returned – this time allowing users to extend their membership up until June 2014 for as little as £36, according to initial reports.

The glitch first appeared on Microsoft’s website last month, but restricted users to extend their subscription by just six months.

It was also shut down by Microsoft fairly quickly.

But according to users on various forums, there doesn’t seem to be any limitations on the promotion this time around, with some users reporting that they’ve managed to extend their Xbox Live Gold subscription all the way up until June 2014, the maximum three year pre-paid period Microsoft currently allows.

We’ve just tried to extend our Xbox Live Gold subscription via the promotion and can confirm that it works. Just click the ‘I’m ready to go gold’ button through here and repeat the process for every month you wish to add.

An Xbox Live Gold subscription would normally cost £5.99 per month, or £39.99 per year. Taking advantage of the glitched promotion obviously offers a colossal saving.

According to the fine print, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold promotion will run until June 27th.


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    Cheap Xbox Live Gold Glitch

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