Bethesda Game Studios developing an ‘unannounced game on future-gen consoles’

Published on February 27th, 2012

Bethesda Game Studios is hiring for programmers to work on an “unannounced game on future-generation consoles”.

That’s the team behind last year’s multi-award-winning RPG and 2010′s Fallout 3. Just imagine the possibilities of a next-gen Elder Scrolls…

According to the job ad, experience with DirectX 11 is “a plus”, suggesting that the next-generation of consoles may share similar architecture to Microsoft’s latest DirectX API.

But before you get too excited over the prospect of a next-gen open world epic, neither Microsoft nor Sony, of course, have yet to announce their plans for the next-generation.

Media speculation suggests that Microsoft may be planning on unveiling its successor to Xbox 360 at this year’s E3 conference, although the firm has already stated it won’t be launching a new console during 2012.

Other studios have previously revealed that they’re hiring for work on next-generation consoles, including LucasArts, Infinity Ward and Rockstar.

It can’t be too long now until we start to see the first official signs of the next-generation, can it?


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    Bethesda Game Studios developing an unannounced game on future gen consoles

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