Battlefield 3's Ultimate Shortcut DLC costs £27

Published on April 3rd, 2012

Battlefield 3's Ultimate Shortcut DLC costs £27If you’re the type of player who doesn’t have the time to invest hours into a game to unlock new stuff, EA has a treat in store for you today.

The publisher has just released a new ‘Ultimate Shortcut Bundle’ on Xbox Live Marketplace that instantly unlocks every weapon, gadget and vehicle upgrade available in Battlefield 3’s multiplayer.

The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle gives players access to “all weapons and gadgets unique to all four classes, all upgrades for both air and ground vehicles, and all co-op weapons” immediately, bypassing the usual requirement of playing the game and levelling up your soldier.

Sounds good, right? Well, here’s the catch: it costs 3200 Microsoft Points.

In real money, that’s around £27.

You can take a look at the shameless DLC for yourself by heading over to the Marketplace.

The ridiculous price for the DLC, of course, means that it costs more than the actual game. We reported earlier today that Battlefield 3 is now available for £25 at Tesco.

We’ve decided against purchasing the DLC – as we’d advise you do too – but if you do, don’t expect to find much more than a 108KB key waiting for you on the other end.

And if you’re one of those still playing Battlefield 3, don’t be too surprised to see a few low level players running around using top level stuff from today. Shoot them in the face for us, yeah?

The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle is also available on Origin and PlayStation Network.

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    Battlefield 3's Ultimate Shortcut DLC costs £27

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