12 Days of Xbox Day 2 Leedmees

Published on December 21st, 2011

and have been reduced to just 400 Microsoft Points (£3.43) each in today’s 12 Days of Xbox promotion.

The two XBLA games, which require Kinect, would normally set you back 800 Microsoft Points (£6.85) each.

Hole In The Wall is based on the TV show with the same name, and has players bending themselves into different shapes so they can make it through holes of various different sizes. Something to get your uncle on after he’s had a few too many on Christmas Day, perhaps.

Leedmees is probably the more interesting of the two, however. Effectively a Kinect version of Lemmings, the game sees players guiding a bunch of little guys to an exit using their body to stop them running into hazards.

If you want to pick up either of them be quick: the deals expire tomorrow morning.

Yesterday’s deal saw top isometric action-RPG Bastion reduced to 600 Microsoft Points. You’re already too late if you fancied that one, though.

According to Microsoft, new deals will appear in the promotion every day until January 3rd.

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    12 Days of Xbox Day 2 Leedmees

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