Microsoft Reiterate No New Xbox at E3

Published on March 16th, 2012

“For us 2012 is all about the Xbox 360,” stated PR David Dennis.

Everywhere you look developers are beginning to prepare for the next generation of consoles by hiring new staff and ramping up production on either launch project for the WiiU or so far unrevealed hardware. Well it seems, Microsoft at least are still a way off discussing their successor to the Xbox 360 publicly, if latest comments from corporate PR man David Dennis are to be taken at face value.

“There will be no new Xbox hardware to be shown/discussed at E3 or anytime soon.  For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360,” Microsoft’s key PR man told Bloomberg.

It’s worth noting that E3 plans change regularly during the run-up to the games industry’s biggest annual showcase, so Microsoft’s stance may change before June.

For those concerned with the business side of gaming, extending the life of the Xbox 360 may indeed make a lot of sense in order to keep costs down, enjoy the profitable years and wait for a time when North American and European economies are in a better state, but as gamers we’re hungry for the next console cycle now and the longer Microsoft and Sony wait, the more attention Nintendo can attract with the launch of the WiiU later this year.

Of course these latest comments from Microsoft could all be smoke and mirrors – a deliberate attempt to keep their competitors guessing. What do you think?

Are you ready to spend another £300 on a new console or would you prefer to keep using your Xbox 360 for as long as possible?

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    Microsoft Reiterate No New Xbox at E3

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