Xbox 720 to Launch Holiday 2013

Published on November 30th, 2012

America’s financial news service Bloomberg spills the beans on ’s plans.

Xbox 720 to Launch Holiday 2013

Let's just hope Microsoft's decisions makers come up with a better name than - it sounds like some kind of moisturiser.

Rumours and the games industry go hand-in-hand, but some media outlets really have the inside track when it comes to big plans.

Bloomberg is one such institution having previously unearthed big reveals about Sony and Nintendo products, and today they have a biggie associated with Microsoft and the impending arrival of the successor to the Xbox 360.

According to a news story on the financial news site, the Xbox 720 will launch in time for Christmas next year if Bloomberg’s sources “familiar” with Microsoft’s plans are to be trusted.

Allegedly the ‘Big M’ are looking to capitalise on North America’s lucrative Thanksgiving window, and the mainstream hysteria that’s associated with Christmas. The rest of the article is full of information that gamers already know like the shift in gaming habits from consoles to tablets and the state of Microsoft’s competitors.

With Xbox 360 consoles still selling strong and more games set to arrive for the seven-year-old platform in 2013 we suspect Microsoft will hold off announcing the ’720′ for as long as they possibly can. We’d put our money on a E3 2013 reveal though.

There we said it…

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    Xbox 720 to Launch Holiday 2013

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    1. Posted by 702insiders on December 6th, 2012, 19:24

      If there’s a right moment to release something, that must be weeks before Christmas, not even black friday come close. Besides, Microsoft is already in race against Sony, that also plans to release a next-gen console next year, or in 2014

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