VGA 2010 What you need to know

Published on December 11th, 2010

Tonight Spike TV will play host to the annual Video Game Awards 2010 which will see the year’s finest games recognised and a number of new titles revealed for the first time.

With 13 world premieres of new blockbuster games and new gameplay footage of 2011′s most anticipated games, we’ve prepare this list of confirmed reveals and strong rumours so you know what to expect from tonight’s show.

Named titles that will be appearing during the awards


Valve’s first-person puzzler is set for a huge comeback in 2011 with a fully-fledged sequel that will see fans revisit the Aperture Science labs to restore the facility that’s now overgrown with wildlife. A number of new inventions have already been demonstrated to gamers and a promising co-op mode sees two robots go it alone against the infernal AI GLaDOS.

We’re not sure what the folk at Valve have in store for tonight’s event be it new gameplay both single player and co-op but we’re certain cake will play a small part in the proceedings.


What started as a PlayStation 3 launch title has quickly become one of the system’s most promising shooters and tonight Insomniac Games will have new scenes from Resistance 3 for all to see. Taking place in the late 1950s, players will play a new protagonist in this chilling alien war shooter that will see you fighting the Chrimera for control of Earth.

A live-action short has been teased similar to the trailer shown at Gamescom suggesting we might see the full thing during tonight’s proceedings. Could a release date be hiding at the end of it? We certainly hope so!

*Thor: God of Thunder:

A film-adaptation of the Marvel comic Thor is heading to cinemas in 2011 and with it a game to coincide with the release. The film’s star, Chris Hemsworth, will take to the stage this evening to show off footage of the tie-in game ‘Thor: God of Thunder’.

Sega recent performance with the Iron Man games has been abysmal to say the least so let’s hope they can buck that trend with Thor.

*Batman: Arkham City:

The dark knight didn’t just steal awards last year but the entire show opening with a reveal for Arkham City itself. With the Joker almost out of commission, we’ve been promised this year that a new villain will step into the spot light during tonight’s world premier.

Who could it be? Batman’s Christmas card list is full of fan-favourite enemies many who have already appeared in the 2009′s Arkham Asylum so it’s anyone’s guess as to who;s next to step out of the dark to face the Batman.

*Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception:

Confirmed just days ago, Uncharted 3 is coming and it’ll debut at the awards show tonight. After walking away with Game of the Year at last year’s show for Uncharted 2: Among Theives, they’re going to have to go that extra length to blow us away once more and early indications suggest we most certainly will be.

Expect to see Drake kicking up sand as he huddles behind cover and avoids explosions in a world premier trailer for Drake’s Deception. A live demonstration is being saved for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the following Monday.


THQ’s near-future shooter will be getting a world premier trailer at the VGAs as confirmed by the publisher’s VP Danny Bilson via twitter. It is however unconfirmed if this will be a TV spot to air during the breaks between the show or whether its one of the show’s big reveals.

Reveals set to be confirmed during tonight’s event.

*Gears of War – Exact Game Unconfirmed:

With Gears of War 3 pushed into late 2011, we’ve been clamouring to see more of Marcus and the gang (especially Dom’s awesome beard). Series creator Cliff Bleszinski has already confirmed that we will see some Gears of War footage at the show teasing us with the message "it’s not what you’re expecting’.

New Gears of War 3 footage? A spin-off to the series? Maybe even something Kinect related? Whatever the case, we know it’s Gears and that’s enough to get us very excited.

*Murder Your Maker – Rumour: Prototype 2:

After four teaser images each one leading us in different directions (one had us certain we were looking at a new Resident Evil game), all signs are pointing to Activision’s Murder Your Maker teaser page which rather obviously features footage from 2009′s Prototype.

We won’t confirm that this teaser is a follow up is in fact a sequel to Prototype but we’d bet highly that it is.

*BioWare Mystery – Rumour:

Quite possibly the most intriguing of tonight’s reveals, BioWare has been teasing the hell out of this one with cryptic messages and even a red herring thrown in. A new IP hasn’t been ruled out but many have speculated that we’re looking as a Mass Effect spin-off perhaps set on Earth or dedicated to multiplayer.

Last night it was revealed that Mass Effect 3 had appear on the EA Store for a short time before being taken down shortly after so a reveal for the third instalment in the series is looking likely.

*Guillermo Del Toro/THQ Reveal:

Spike TV confirmed that Guillermo Del Toro’s video game project will be unveiled during the 2010 VGAs presented by none other than the famed-film director himself.

Not a whole lot is known about the project itself other than its a horror game but not survival horror. With a tentative release as far away as 2013, don’t expect to see much more than a teaser out of this one.


RUMOURS: Other names that have cropped up in the last couple of weeks

*Left 4 Dead 3 – Linked to ‘Murder Your Maker’ teaser, unlikely.
*New Resident Evil title – Linked to ‘Murder Your Maker’ teaser, also unlikely.
*Tomb Raider – Reboot confirmed earlier this week, debut trailer likely
*Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Logo spotted in recent advert, linked to the game’s handheld of the year nomination.
*New SXX title – A mountain peak teaser has hinted to the return of gaming’s favourite snowboard series but for now it’s still a rumour.

That’s all for now, check back tomorrow morning for the low-down on what happened at the VGAs 2010 and find out what surprises are in store for 2011!

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    VGA 2010 What you need to know

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