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Published on November 14th, 2010

TimeSplitters 4: Unused Concepts -

Cancelled game projects are absolutely fascinating, especially when aspects of those never to be released products become available to fans. Former artist for Free Radical Design, Neil Roberts, has posted a selection of concept art he produced for TimeSplitters 4 before the makers of the beloved shooter series, and Haze, went under in December 2008. Take a look at the Hammer Horror inspired concepts to get an impression of what the anticipated sequel might have been.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Amazing Tomahawk Kill -

This week Black Ops was released and the reception has been superb, as long as you were playing on a console, but one feature has attracted more attention than any other, Theater mode. This clip of a lucky kill using a tomahawk is an example of what clips gamers will be creating over the coming months.

200 Gaming Characters as Sprites -

If you have ever wondered what gaming’s most popular characters would look like re-imagined as Mega Man Sprites, today is your lucky day as Chris Bringhust has remade two-hundred characters as if they were created by Capcom in 1987. Be prepared to lose a significant portion of your day looking for your favourite.

Halo: Reach Kilimanjaro Streak -

Even though Treyach’s FPS is winning all the plaudits for the moment, don’t forget about Bungie’s Halo: Reach. Hundreds of battles are still being fought online every minute of every day and we doubt you’ll witness any skills as impressive as those shown in this epic video on the beautiful map known as Pinnacle. Staged or not, the footage proves just how powerful the sniper rifle and jet pack combination can really be.

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