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Published on December 19th, 2010

Mario Bros. The Movie Trailer -

This mash-up with Nintendo’s Mario Bros. is the funniest game parody we’ve seen for a long time. Splicing the classic Princess being kidnapped plot with the gritty world of GTA works surprisingly well, even if Bullet Bill isn’t given the attention he should. This five-minute trailer is full of references gamers will love and is sure to warm your cockles this cold Sunday morning.

Lego: Black Ops -

Another franchise meshing spoof, but this time Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops is the target. Using a mixture of stop action animation and technical trickery, Keshen8 and co. have perfectly recreated the drama and chaos of a regular deathmatch. Hopefully this short video will give Traveller’s Tales a few ideas.

The Story Behind ’s Faces -

That’s enough spoof madness for one Sunday. Our final selection this week takes us behind the scenes of Rockstar’s new revolutionary motion capture technology which produces the most realistic facial animations ever seen in the game. If you thought character movement in GTA was realistic, LA Noire is set to surpass it with a multi-million pound camera setup which requires voice actors to act their roles in front of a blue screen. This article care of Kotaku is genuinely fascinating and will get you pumped for Rockstar’s next open-world masterpiece.

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