5 Must Play Horde Modes

Published on October 10th, 2011

There’s nothing quite like the comradery of friends banding together to lay waste to waves of unrelenting foes using bullets, blades or even the butt of your gun.

Almost every contemporary multiplayer isn’t complete without this modes and its growing popularity can be heavily attributed to Epic Games’ Gears of War series who dubbed the visceral pastime ‘Horde Mode’.

Continuing to carry the crown with the launch of Gears of War 3′s vastly improved Horde 2.0 that’s already claiming thousands of hours playtime, here’s some co-op experiences that you and your gun-toting posse shouldn’t be missing out on.

Firefight – Halo 3:ODST/

What is it?

Firefight first surfaced as a bonus in Halo 3′s side-story ODST and has since gone on to be a successful component of the series already accomplished multiplayer. You and up to three other players must face off against waves of increasingly difficult enemies that arrive by dropship. Modifiers called “Skulls” keep players on their toes with rules that have grunts flinging endless reserves of grenades into the air like fireworks.

Why should I try it?

Firefight was a great addition to ODST but it made a considerable jump when it appeared in Halo Reach (so much that it’s commonly referred to as “Firefight 2.0″). A plethora of new game modes, skull modifiers, improved matchmaking are just the tip of Reach’s highly customisable feature smorgasbord. Couple this with Bungie’s regularly updated challenges and Firefight still has legs well over a year after Reach’s release.

Anarchy Mode –

What is it?

Though it didn’t set the world alight, potty-mouthed ‘kill-with-skill’ shooter Bulletstorm gave us a point-hungry spin on an over-subscribed genre that added more players into the playground for Anarchy mode. With spiked walls, deadly traps and other environmental tools lying around, four players are encouraged to use any means necessary to get the most impressive and outrageous kills in order to meet the score required to proceed to the next wave.

Why should I try it?

Bulletstorm’s point-scoring frenzy is a hook that always entertaining and the arsenal of crazy weapons, insane skillshots, and environmental traps means you’ll never get tired of booting an enemy across the map only to have him flung back at you by a teammate with an explosive wrapped around their neck.

Zombies – : World at War/ : Black Ops

What is it about?

Treyarch had struggled to leave a lasting impression on the Call of Duty series with Infinity Ward regularly walking away the most praise. That all changed with the introduction of Zombies, a multiplayer survival mode that first saw up to four players fending off waves of undead Nazis by scrounging for weapons and barricading their defences.

Why should I try it?

There’s no shortage of zombie games that allow you mow down crowds of rotting fodder but there’s still nothing quite like Treyarch’s spoofy Zombies mode. Last year’s Black Ops brought Zombies back with new themed scenario maps that have players hoping into the bodies of political figures defending the pentagon to the recent downloadable content ‘Call of the Dead’ that featured a number of b-movie horror stars fending off the walking dead including a cameo from godfather of the undead, George A. Romero.

Gold Rush/Siege – : Among Thieves

What is it about?

Naughty Dog isn’t one to skip out on unique quality content and that’s certainly the case with its Uncharted series. Rather than have Drake and friends simply pick off enemies from behind brick walls, Gold Rush and the later added Seige mode mixed traditional horde-type rules into existing multiplayer favourites that have players accomplishing objectives to win the round rather than working up a body count.

Why should I try it?

Uncharted’s cinematic action adventuring makes for an interesting multiplayer dynamic. You can climb almost anything to avoid gunfire from mercenaries and helicopters and getting a headshot whilst clinging onto a wall never gets old. It’s at an entirely different pace to the move heavy-set shooters and with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on the way, now’s the time to get a head start.

F***ing Run! – F.E.A.R.3

What is it about?

The name says it all. Unlike traditional horde modes, F***ing Run! has you running in a linear path, executing enemies along the way to reach the checkpoint within the time limit. But it’s not just soldiers and time limits against you. As you dash through each level, you’re pursued by Alma and her towering (and aptly titled) Wall of Death. No turning back, there’s only one way and that’s forward.

Why should I try it?

F.E.A.R. 3 has its own horde-type modes but F***ing Run! is a frantic multiplayer experience that won’t have you ducking behind cover or admiring the scenery for too long. When your pal goes down, it might be best to leave him or her to die rather than risk the wrath of Alma.

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    5 Must Play Horde Modes

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