5 games Shadows of the Damned

Published on June 21st, 2011

Vomiting demon merchants, psycho girlfriends, and hot boners, there’s simply no denying it: is one sick and twisted piece of work.

Of course it’s not hard to see why when you look back at the games its creators had previously worked on.

The triple threat of Goichi Suda AKA Suda 41, Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil fame), and Akira Yamaoka (known for his work on the sounds on the Silent Hill series) has us piecing together fragments of their past works to see just what went into their latest slaughter fest.

1: Resident Evil 4

It’s hard to underestimate how much of Mikami’s biggest title can be felt in Garcia’s venture into hell. Over-the-shoulder mechanics aside, Damned’s pacing is incredibly familiar from staccato moments of sheer intensity and panic to frequent lulls allowing you to take in the atmosphere of this unique hell.

2: Killer 7

Overlooked for its complex story that still has gamers pondering its meanings, cult-thriller Killer 7 was actually the first title to pair Suda and Mikami together to compose the game’s tangled narrative which saw an assassin’s seven split personalities come to life. We’d say it was the start of something great!

3: No More Heroes

Suda’s most popular work to date, No More Heroes, received praise for its mix of retro and punk styling with hack and slash gameplay. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the game’s unforgettable cast complete with their own back stories let alone compare Garcia Hotspur to No More Heroes girl crazy otaku, Travis Touchdown.

4: Silent Hill series

Often seen as a direct competitor with the Resident Evil series for the survivor horror crown, Silent Hill always had the upper hand when it came to chilling atmosphere and soundtrack. Damned employs the series’ composer Akira Yamaoka to lend his talents to the game’s grungy tones and make your trip to hell all the more gruesome.

5: God Hand

Though it’s hard to see where Mikami’s God Hand fits into Shadows of the Damned creation, some of the game’s comic relief can be attributed to this overlooked gem. Garcia may not hit homeruns but his brutal melee finishers can certainly be traced back to this underrated beat-em-up.


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    5 games Shadows of the Damned

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