5 Forgotten 360 Gems

Published on August 16th, 2011

We all do it. Even with the good reviews, the positive buzz on the forums and the hearty recommendations from our friends, it’s so easy to pass up great games in favour of the obvious ‘Triple-A’ big hitters. So, to start off a new feature on GamerZines – Forgotten Gems – here are 5 360 games you really ought to have played.


It might have been the game that crippled the talented UK dev Bizarre Creations, but that’s no statement on Blur’s quality. Calling it Mario Kart with real cars is doing it an injustice – it’s a weighty, grunter of a racer that just happens to have the most balanced weapon set in its field. Online is an absolute joy, and is the closest any non-FPS game has got to capturing that COD-style compulsion.


Two entrants for Bizarre? Why not? On the surface, this looks like any other third-person actioner, but on closer inspection The Club is actually entirely driven by high-scores. It’s like a memory-based reaction game dragged into the 21st century, and if it grabs hold of you, it’s almost impossible to get free. You can pick it up for under a fiver. You won’t regret it.

Some have called it the finest action game on 360. It’s certainly close. Shinji Mikami’s blistering robot-suited blast is like Gears crossed with a Treasure shooter. It’ll grip you, yank you to the edge of your seat, make you laugh, wince, shout and then punch the air, and somehow you’ll look cool doing it. Don’t be put off by how similar it seems to everything else – Vanquish is in a different class.


It has its faults – what JRPG doesn’t – but this fascinating tale of a man who has lived for 1000 years is unusually contemplative and melancholy. Eventually, it does fall into more typical JRPG tropes and sees you travelling the globe with your weird team of weirdos, but until then, the legend of Kaim is a high point for Eastern game writing.


There’s a scene (level? mission?) late on in Condemned that is so tense, atmospheric and scary that it made it seem like all ‘next-gen’ game were going to be able to elicit that kind of emotional response. But they haven’t. It’s just that well crafted. Better than its overly-violent sequel, and definitely the pick of the launch line up. Condemned might be dated, but it’s still one of the finest first-person games on 360.


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    5 Forgotten 360 Gems

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