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Published on December 31st, 2011


For a man close to retirement, life doesn’t appear to be easing up on poor old Max Payne. Slung across the border to South America, Max has found his way into the private security forces of a wealthy Brazilian family – and you can imagine where it all goes wrong from there. Slick, stylish, and teeming in action, Max Payne 3 is old school shooting at its very best.

9. (TBC)

Probably the game with the biggest chances of slipping into 2013, Splinter Cell 6 is rumoured to be another reboot of the series after 2010′s love it/hate it Splinter Cell Conviction. In development at new Ubisoft’s new Toronto studio and under the watchful eyes of the ever-gorgeous Jade Raymond, Sam Fisher’s return could be huge.


Following this year’s underwhelming entry, Ubisoft has reassured 360Zine that we won’t be disappointed with next year’s Assassin’s Creed, with rumours pointing towards a much needed new setting and new assassin for next year’s game.


Button up that suit and get ready to make a killing; Agent 47′s return could well be his most exciting mission yet. Given a blockbuster budget and a huge presentation overhaul, IO’s first next-gen Hitman looks seriously slick.


Lord of the Flies crossed with Rambo, Far Cry 3 follows photographer Jason Brody as he fights for his life on an island overrun by violent thugs, while saving his girlfriend from the hands of a vicious crime syndicate. A sandbox shooter with characterisation and story-telling at the heart of its cut-throat gunplay, Far Cry 3 could be one of the standout shooters of the generation.

Come back tomorrow for the final part of 360Zine’s Top 25 Games To Look Out For In 2012.

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    360Zine Top 25 Games Of 2012 4

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