360Zine Top 25 Games Of 2012 2

Published on December 29th, 2011


Stock up on fresh batteries; Alan Wake’s imagination is coming back to haunt him again. Heading onto Xbox Live Arcade in a few months’ time, American Nightmare begins after the end of the original’s DLC, rejoining the fiction writer as he battles against the horrors of his books.


A mash-up of the two biggest names in fighting, Street Fighter X Tekken has already gotten the fanboys frothing at the mouth. Promising such epic battles as Ryu vs Kazuya, Nina vs Chun Li and Bob vs Hwoaring, this is a fight you won’t want to miss.

18. 2 (TBC)

If that promotional flier included with Battlefield 3′s to be trusted, ol’ beardy’s coming back to shoot some more insurgents next year. With EA’s Danger Close studio back at the helm(and), we’re hoping that it’s learnt from the mistakes of DICE’s misfiring multiplayer.


An epic finale for Shepard’s last game is a given, but we’ve still got our doubts over whether ME3 will hit the dizzy heights of its predecessor, which sees Shepard rallying the galaxy together for a final showdown with the Reapers.


Take a sci-fi shooter and equip it with a wild west-style bounty hunting lead, and you’ve got the idea behind Prey 2. One of the least talked about games of 2012, this could well be a surprise hit.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of 360Zine’s Top 25 Games To Look Out For In 2012.

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    360Zine Top 25 Games Of 2012 2

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