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Published on December 28th, 2011

Turn on the TV at the moment and you’ll see politicians, businesses and charities all rallying around the idea of a greener future – and if Xbox 360′s 2012 line-up is anything to go by, that’s certainly what we’re going to get.

As the 360 approaches the end of its life cycle, there are still hundreds of games heading to the sexy black box that we can’t wait to play. Over the next few days, we’ll be revealing the top 25…


We still can’t get our head around the difference between FFXIII’s Fal’cie and the L’cie, but hopefully Square-Enix’s super sequel should start offering some much needed answers. XIII’s 40-hour sequel offers big improvements over its faltering predecessor, including bigger worlds and far fewer corridors.


Muscle-enhancing drug abuse reaches a new high as Prototype 2 anti-hero Sergeant James Heller dons mutant arms, legs and all-new super powers to wreak vengeance on virus-spreading villain Alex Mercer. The sequel to 2009′s fun but flawed action game could be one of the best open worlders of 2012.


Unless you’ve got a stake in terrorism, these Ghosts aren’t the type of ghouls who’ll be keeping you up at night. Returning after a five year break, Ghost Recon’s combination of cool gadgets, ace set-pieces and cover-based gunplay provides a shooter to remember.


If you can think of an Aliens quote, chances are it’ll be in Colonial Marines, as Borderlands developer Gearbox Studios takes players on a xenomorph-filled, pant-cacking tour of The Sulaco and LV-246 as they tell the tale of the events that occurred between Aliens and Alien 3.


Who needs guns when you’ve got flippin’ great razor-toothed demon tentacles sticking out of your shoulders? Well, Jackie Estacado it seems, who returns in this shooter sequel to 2007′s uber-violent mafia thriller. Featuring a new and improved control scheme, this could be a beast of a shooter.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of 360Zine’s Top 25 Games To Look Out For In 2012.

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    360Zine Top 25 Games Of 2012 1

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