2011s Hottest News Stories

Published on December 27th, 2011

It’s been another year of non-stop announcements and revelations, from the reveal of Nintendo’s Wii U at this year’s E3, to the gradual roll-out of controversial online pass schemes from almost every publisher on the planet.

But what stories have you been reading? In this feature, we count down the top 10 news stories you’ve been reading on GamerZines.com over the past 12 months- and you might be surprised at the results.

10. Xbox Live Gold £1 glitch returns

Loads of you were eager to find out how to get hold of a month of Xbox Live Gold for £1 – and with a colossal 75% saving to be had, we can’t blame you. A glitch during an Xbox Live Gold promotion meant that everyone could take advantage of stocking up on months of Xbox Live Gold at a £1 a time, all the way through to 2013. You had to be quick to get the goods, though: the exploit was quickly patched up by Microsoft.

9. New info on Battlefield 3 360′s hi-res texture pack

was one of the most-talked about subjects throughout the year, and the revelation of the hi-res texture pack included with the Xbox 360 version got everybody talking. So when we sat down with Executive Producer Patrick Bach to take us through it, you listened in your droves.

8. Confusion over Battlefield 3 Online Pass

Will Battlefield 3 ship with an online pass? Simple question, but not such a simple answer as we found out when putting Patrick Bach on the spot once again. As it turns out, Battlefield 3 did ship with an online pass, but back in August neither DICE nor EA were keen to discuss it.

7. GTA V turns up at Gamestation

Rumours of GTA V’s imminent announcement swept across the web months in advance of its eventual reveal. But when GTA V turned up for pre-order at UK retailer Gamestation, it made the announcement an almost dead-cert.

6. Shift 2: Unleashed’s Full Car List

One of the more unexpected news stories to appear in our list, there were a tonne of you desperate to find out more about Shift 2: Unleashed’s car list in its build up to launch last March.

5. Borderlands 2 in development, confirms Gearbox

Back in February, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford ‘joked’ that he had to work on months before its official announcement. In an attempt to set the record straight, Pitchford said that news reports of ′s confirmation were “absurd” and “irresponsible”. In actual fact, the word he perhaps should have been looking for was ‘accurate’ – the game was eventually announced in August.

4. Brink: Snipers will be “frustrated”

Another oddity on our Top 10 list was this prime quote from developer Splash Damage, who said that the game “does not do a very good job of supporting” snipers. As it turned out, it didn’t do a very good job of supporting anybody, launching to prolific lag problems.

3. Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 has hi-res texture pack on second disc

DICE’s revelation that Battlefield 3 would ship with an installable hi-res texture pack gripped Xbox 360 shooter fans for weeks. What did it do? How did it work? Why does the Xbox 360 need it? When we were first told of it we were just as in the dark as you were, leading on to us exploring the technology with Patrick Bach in a subsequent article.

2. Mirror’s Edge 2 on Frostbite 2? ‘You’ll see that combination’, says EA boss

There doesn’t seem to be a month that goes by without another Mirror’s Edge 2 rumour, but this quote from EA Games boss Frank Gibeau suggested that we’ll almost certainly be seeing the return of Faith at some point in the future.

1. Newell: I’m worried about the stress we put on families

With Christmas in full swing, boss Gabe Newell’s message on the importance of family time is a fitting article to feature at the top of our list. Talking about his company’s emphasis on the well-being of his employees, Newell’s quotes flew in the face of other companies that had found themselves in the headlines for the alleged mistreatment of employees. A great story with a great message behind it – and it’s your most popular of 2011.

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    2011s Hottest News Stories

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