2011 Best Snow Levels Games

Published on December 26th, 2011

Take a ride through DiRT 3′s Norwegian snow tracks and you’ll swear you were in the middle of a winter wonderland. With weather pushed even further for this year’s version of Codemasters’ rally racer, traction-unfriendly ice and snow was used throughout an entire region of the game – and it looked spine-tinglingly festive. A winter highlight.

What would a platformer be without a snow level? Answer: not a very good one. The appearance of a snow level in Rayman’s latest certainly didn’t come as a surprise, then, but the objects that featured within it certainly did. Featuring deadly pieces of fruit and pools of punch home to some vicious piranhas, Rayman’s ice level is one of the genre’s most memorable.


Who can say no to reliving Halo’s awesome ‘Assault On The Control Room’ level? This massive snow level gave gamers the opportunity to have huge-scale wars with some of Halo’s best vehicles and equipment. Paint the snow red.

Featuring more snow-capped mountains than there are in the real world, Skyrim’s huge play area provided more opportunities to play in the white stuff than any other game this year. Can we have some snowballs and reindeer armour for DLC, Bethesda?

In an effort to mix up Killzone’s colour palette, Guerrilla took gamers to an icy tundra throughout the course of Killzone 3′s campaign, while a multiplayer map had players battling amidst a raging snowstorm. Snow was such a core feature of Killzone 3 that a fur coat-wearing Helghast was even featured on the front of the box.


Forget the idea of snow ‘level’: we were treated to snow for the entire game in Batman: Arkham City. Quite why it was snowing throughout Batman’s latest we still don’t know, and the lack of any settled snow meant that the white stuff wasn’t quite as prevalent as in some of this year’s other games. But in terms of sheer snow screen time, Arkham City is this year’s winner.

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    2011 Best Snow Levels Games

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