Nintendo Sells Less than 200,000 Wii U Consoles in 3 Months

Published on July 31st, 2013

While the 3DS clocks up 1.4 million sales over the same time period.

Nintendo has announced their financial results for the period between April and June 2013, and the verdict is distinctly mixed for the Japanese console manufacturer.

While the 3DS’ sales soared during this period, equating to 1.4 million sales when combined with the 3DS XL, the spluttered, coughed and practically keeled over with a paltry 160,000 consoles sold worldwide. That’s 90,000 in Japan, 60,000 in North America and a distressing 10,000 in Europe and Australia. Minus the remainder, that’s an average of 110 consoles sold every day in the combined land masses of Australia and Europe! That damning statistic will be very distressing reading for Nintendo, especially as they’ve been very aggressive in those regions snapping up TV advertising across various different networks.

Nintendo Sells Less than 200,000 Wii U Consoles in 3 Months

Even Link didn't see these distressing financial results coming!

To put the total tally between the two contrasting consoles in perspective, the Wii U is now at over 3.6 million units sold since it launched in November last year, whereas the 3DS is currently sitting pretty at over 32.4 million units sold. Obviously the handheld has been on sale since February 2011, over a year longer than the Wii U, but still prospects for Nintendo’s answer to a next-gen console aren’t looking to hot.

It isn’t necessarily that the Wii U is a terrible console in itself, in fact far from it, it’s just that Nintendo hasn’t supported it well over the past twelve months with few big game releases for players to get truly excited about.

Nintendo Sells Less than 200,000 Wii U Consoles in 3 Months

Nintendo games tend to have a much longer sales tail than regular games, so hopefully will do the business in the long run.

However those big first party releases are in the process of arriving. Last week saw the launch of Pikmin 3, and future releases like Super Mario 3D World, and mainstream favourite Wii Fit U will all arrive before the end of the year, but are they enough to rescue this convoluted tablet-driven console?

We really hope the Wii U’s sales recover to a healthy number because we need as many manufacturers involved in the next-gen console war as possible in order to make the marketplace more competitive. However Nintendo are going to need some absolutely fantastic games to turn the current sales trends around. The next few months will prove very interesting…

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    Nintendo Sells Less than 200,000 Wii U Consoles in 3 Months

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    1. Posted by Delta on August 2nd, 2013, 22:31

      Jesus Christ ever since the Nintendo 64 Nintendo has this mentality that there gaming geniuses and think everything they do and ever decision they make is perfect despite what everyone else thinks
      They need to wake the hell up and stop trying to support this gimmicky bullshit
      Make good games, not good apps

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