Wii DS instal base details

Published on November 11th, 2010

Nintendo has revealed some interesting new figures that show how far ahead the ’s install base is against the competition.

Nintendo of America boss, Reggie Fils Aime, was proud to reveal these details during his talk at the BMO Capital Market presentation in New York using data provided by the NPD.

Overall install bases for both Nintendo systems were as follows:

Nintendo Wii: 43.1 million
: 30.4 million

A breakdown on SKUs detailing the sales of both the White and Black Nintendo Wiis and sales of DS lite, DSi and DSi XL have not been provided.

And below are details explaining how far ahead the Wii and DS are ahead of the their competition:

Wii Installed Base
*8.5 million more than 360
*12.7 more than PSP
*16.9 million more than PS3

DS Installed Base
*12.7 million more than Wii
*21.2 million more than 360
*25.4 million more than PSP
*29.6 million more than PS3

Reggie also said earlier that Nintendo is anticipating a good holiday season believing that the company’s brand recognition gives them an edge on the competition.

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    Wii DS instal base details

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