RAGE too much for Wii

Published on August 9th, 2011

Id’s Todd Hollenshead has shot down any suggestions for a Wii version of their upcoming mega textured shooter .

Why? According to Hollenshead, speaking with IGN during QuakeCon, the developer’s new id Tech 5 engine to “too much tech for the Wii”

“For RAGE, as much as Nintendo might not like to hear this, id Tech 5 is too much tech for the Wii,” said Hollenshead. “We’re not doing a crappy version of RAGE on the Wii. “We didn’t make the crippled version that somebody wishes they had some other platform to play on.”

When asked about the Wii U however, Hollenshead stated that Id Software had not confirmed support of the new hardware yet.

“From what Nintendo is saying, it looks interesting, but it still remains to be seen how it fits within how id Tech 5 would run on it, is the audience right for us to develop games on that platform.”

RAGE launches on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in October.


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    RAGE too much for Wii

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