PlayZine GOTY 2010 Nominated

Published on December 13th, 2010

Last week we revealed our nominees for our annual Game of the Year Awards 2010 highlighting our top picks of the year’s best , DS and games.

Of all the categories in this year’s , we felt it important to highlight our overall Game of the Year category and tell you just why each game has been nominated for the prestigious title.

Let’s kick things off, shall we?


It’s been a year of hardcore strength for the Nintendo Wii and no doubt the forerunner of this movement is Monster Hunter 3 Tri. Just a mouse and keyboard away from being a fully fledged MMORPG, Monster Hunter 3 Tri commands just as much devotion and labour but with gigantic contracts that you’ll hunt for the satisfaction rather than the bounty sitting on their heads.


Mario’s space age adventure made a valiant return this year throwing a smattering of new stars to forage for in a colour array of planetoids. We’d accuse Nintendo of resting on its laurels had Galaxy 2 not been a magical trip through the cosmos that constantly surprised with intuitive gameplay and infinite imagination. Luckily it was!


Kojima is yet to find peace with his magnum opus but as far as pocket-sized adventures go, Peace Walker proves no system is too small or too limited to house the audacity of Hideo Kojima’s gaming epic. Borrowing something from almost every entry in the series to date, Peace Walker is a little piece of Metal Gear heaven.


Retro Studio’s show their expertise goes beyond bounty hunters in space with this colourful and revitalised return to Donkey Kong Country. The ape’s belated return to form pandered between delightfully clever experiences to downright ludicrous platforming segments that had us tearing Wii remotes apart in frustration – all the while going bananas for this exceptional title.


Successor of the Skies is the kind of ‘shmup’ that throws lasers across the screen with such rapidness it’s like a disco ball vomiting the contents of a glow stick. Grandiose presentation and a killer soundtrack are balanced with a hardcore difficulty that is as punishing as the name suggests. It would certainly be a sin to miss this treasure!


The hasn’t been short of RPGs this year but its Dragon Quest IX which stood out among the crowd. An epic adventure coupled with a competent co-op multiplayer, Sentinels of the Starry Skies is a bottomless RPG that’s even claimed over 150 hours of Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime.


With the popularity for the music genre in declining faster than the latest trend, Rock Band 3 proves it’s still got an audience when it comes to forming your own garage band of plastic instruments. The introduction of a Pro mode might choke you for every last penny but ultimately satisfy the goals the genre so obviously set out to accomplish at its inception.


We felt it right to recognise Gaijin Games’ efforts. Here’s an independent developer whose contributions to WiiWare are consistently pushing the envelope. This is certainly the case with Bit.Trip Runner whose retro visuals and plinky-plonky chip tune soundtrack turn this simple platformer into mind-blowing experience. Simple yet stunning, Bit. Trip Runner is a testament to Nintendo’s WiiWare service

Check back later in the week when we’ll reveal the winners of this year’s PlayZine Game of the Year Awards. To refresh yourself on our nominees, click through the link on the right.

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    PlayZine GOTY 2010 Nominated

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