Watch the GTA V Trailer Right Now!

Published on November 14th, 2012

If you thought the début footage was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Watch the GTA V Trailer Right Now!

The wait will be tough, but from today's footage it looks as though it will probably be worth it.

Rockstar are milking the anticipation for for all its worth by slowly drip-feeding new screenshots and information to the public in anticipation for the sequel’s release next year, but if we’re being absolutely honest we can’t really blame them.

GTA is the biggest franchise in gaming, and Rockstar has such an impressive record that it’s no wonder fans are relishing every grubby morsel they can get their hands-on. Thankfully today is one of the easier days in that infernal hunt as the ‘Big R’ has released the second trailer for the sequel and it looks rather special.

Check it out below:


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    Watch the GTA V Trailer Right Now!

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