The Walking Dead Episode 5 Out Next Week

Published on November 15th, 2012

Find out what exactly happens to Lee, Clem and co. in a matter of days.

The Walking Dead Episode 5 Out Next Week

Will Lee be able to keep Clem safe?

Telltale has announced exactly when : Episode will launch.

“#TheWalkingDead Season Finale from @telltalegames hits 11/20 PSN NA, 11/21 PSN EU, XBLA, PC/MAC, & iOS. #ForClementine,” stated the developer’s Twitter feed.

That’s Tuesday, November 20th for those who like their dates the right way around. Telltale’s tie-in with Robert Kirkman’s immensely popular franchise has been one of the most entertaining surprises of the year with a truly uncompromising plot and plenty of twists to keep you guessing about what will happen to Lee, Clem and whatever band of survivors you elected to keep alive.

We can’t wait to see how the episodic series concludes, and to have a glimpse of the choices that were available in the previous story-telling chunk, check out the spoiler-rific trailer below:


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    The Walking Dead Episode 5 Out Next Week

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