The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Out Early July

Published on June 28th, 2013

And lots of other information revealed in the latest episode of Playing Dead.

Telltale Games has announced that 400 Days, the forthcoming DLC expansion to The Walking Dead: Season One, is set to launch for XBLA, PS3, PSVita, PC/Mac and iOS this July.

The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Out Early July

Prison would be a cake walk compared to this!

The news came to light via a new episode in Telltale’s Playing Dead series, which stars 400 Days director Sean Ainsworth and designer Harrison G. Pink. The seven-minute episode includes lots of new details including the revelation that 400 Days will function as a standalone episode with players assuming the role of five different characters.

What’s really interesting is that players can sample these five intertwined tales in any order and that moral decisions made in the first season of The Walking Dead will affect how the episode plays out in a meaningful way.

Pink and Ainsworth also reveal that 27 characters feature in the episode in total, yet the running time of 400 Days will still be the same length as a traditional Walking Dead episode (three to four hours) and will cost around $4.99.

That’s enough spoilers though, if you’d like to find out more be sure to check out the complete episode below. Fascinating stuff…


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    The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Out Early July

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