Unannounced THQ Games Detailed

Published on December 20th, 2012

Bankruptcy filing calls out new games from Vigil Games, Turtle Rock, Patrice Désilets and .

Buried deep within THQ’s bankruptcy and sale documents, Polygon has discovered four unannounced games currently in development at the publisher’s own in-house studios.

Unannounced THQ Games Detailed

The world needs another , sooner rather than later.

The first game is from Left 4 Dead’s original developer Turtle Rock Studios, who are making a multiplayer-focused shooter dubbed ‘Evolve’ which features a unique co-operative shooting mechanic.

The second is a game from Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets and THQ Montreal who are working on a game auspiciously dubbed ’1666′. Is this a historical adventure game set in London as a precursor to the Great Fire? Perhaps, but we won’t find out for a while as the game isn’t set to launch until beyond 2015.

Unannounced THQ Games Detailed

Homeworld 3 would be the best Christmas present ever!

The third and perhaps most exciting reveal is something new from Relic Entertainment called ‘’ which is due out sometime in 2014. Relic are currently working hard on Company of Heroes 2, but a new entry in the : Dawn of War series has been hinted at for a while so that’s what we think this is. Although wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was a new Homeworld sequel?

Another new game the document refers to is something called ‘Crawler’ which is in development at Darksider’s creator Vigil Games. Could this be a sequel or an entirely new franchise? Seeing as Darksiders II didn’t met internal sales expectations for THQ, we’d expect the latter.

The last new game the document refers to is a new entry in the Saints Row series, but we’ve known that has been in development at Volition for a while – ever since Enter The Dominatrix was spun out from a standalone expansion to full blown sequel.

Unfortunately the big omission from this list is Warhammer 40K; Dark Millennium Online which was downgraded from an MMORPG to a single player game earlier in the year. It looks as though THQ have either canned DMO or have placed the game on hiatus until they decide what to do with it.

We’re still peeling back the curtains on THQ bankruptcy and acquisition dea, so expect more stories about the beleagured publisher too.

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    Unannounced THQ Games Detailed

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