See Every Trailer for Every Game Confirmed for PlayStation 4 Thus Far

Published on February 21st, 2013

Feast your eyes on these bad boys.

Now we could just link directly to last night’s big two and a half hour reveal of Sony’s to show you every game announced for the platform, but that would involve you listening to lots of corporate hyberbole about “connected experiences” and the like. We’re guessing all you really want to know about is what games will be released for Sony’s new platform and that’s why decided to embed a trailer for every game currently confirmed for the thus far. All of the hits from the presentation are in appearance in addition to a few releases that have only just been confirmed for the console.

Let the three to seven minute video parade commence, in no particular order:

Watch Dogs -

Diablo 3 -

The Witcher 3: Wildhunt -

Killzone: Shadowfall-

Deep Down -

Drive Club -

InFamous: Second Son -

Knack -

The Witness -

Destiny -

Undoubtedly more games will be announced for the PlayStation 4′s “Holiday 2013” launch, so keep checking for more updates.


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    See Every Trailer for Every Game Confirmed for PlayStation 4 Thus Far

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