‘The Success of Defiance Doesn’t Rely on TV Show’

Published on February 7th, 2013

Relationship between Trions Worlds MMO and Syfy’s TV show laid bare.

There’s a considerable amount of ambition and expiramentation behind Trion Worlds’ first multi-platform big-budget MMO. The third-person shooter will run in tandem with the tie-in television show of the same name which is set to air on the Syfy network this April.

The Success of Defiance Doesnt Rely on TV Show

The momentum of the MMO won't be halted if the show is a flop, according to Trion Worlds.

Story events and characters seamlessly transition from one part of the transmedia equation to the other, but what if the show isn’t the runaway success that Syfy are anticipating? How would Trion Worlds react if the show became a flop shortly after it aired its first episode?

We put this question to Trion Worlds’ Rob Hill and his response was surprisingly forthright:

“Well, it’ll effect it in the fact that the show is free advertising for us and we’re really excited about the crossover elements, but we’re to very a real extent developing the game alone. The game has to survive on its own and it has to be a good game, regardless of the show being around or not,” explained the senior producer of Defiance: The Game.

“We intentionally built the game so that you didn’t have to do both, because we’re not going to get everybody who watches the show to play the game and vice versa. We know this and Syfy knows this, but what you do get is a deeper understanding of what is happening in the universe, the characters which cross back and forth and the species that get introduced; all that kind of stuff. We didn’t want to alienate either side, if somebody doesn’t like to play games or watch science-fiction on television, we don’t want to cut those people off.”

The TV version of Defiance is being put together by many of the same team behind Battlestar Galactica including writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. Syfy also seem to be plunging a lot of cash into the show’s production values and special FX, so there’s no indication that the show won’t be a hit. Still it’s good to know that Trion Worlds feel Defiance: The Game is of a high enough standard to stand proudly on its own alongside other MMOs.

To find out more about Defiance, check out the latest issue of FirstLook which is handily embedded below:


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    The Success of Defiance Doesnt Rely on TV Show

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