Sony Unveils PlayStation 4

Published on February 21st, 2013

New games and developer partnerships announced but no price.

Sony has finally unveiled the tonight at a glamorous press event in New York.

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4

Knack looks different if nothing else.

A form factor for the new console wasn’t revealed and neither was the price, but we know that the manufacturer is targeting a ‘Holiday 2013′ release for the new hardware.

The main point of the unveiling was to talk about a host of console exclusive features and games, even the often maligned PlayStation Vita even got a look in.

Functionality wise the PlayStation 4 will sport a redesigned version of the DualShock controller which sports a button which allows players to instantly share recorded or gameplay via network, a front-facing touchpad and a strange PlayStation Move-esque light which will communicate with a new console-based camera.

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4

Shadow Fall looks a lot brighter than previous Killzone games.

This all ties in with Sony’s new commitment to the more social aspects of gaming with the console manufacturer stating that players will be able to stream their sessions via the PlayStation Network at just a push of a button, and record footage of gameplay easily. The PlayStation Vita was also mentioned as a remote play device, with gamers able to play PS4 games on the Vita locally via streaming tech – a bit like the Nintendo WiiU.

Sony’s new piece of hardware doesn’t seem short of grunt either as the manufacture rconfirmed that the PlayStation 4 will boast 8 CPU cores along with 8GBs of DDR5 system memory , allowing these new social features to run in the background without impacting performance – at least that’s what they said.

As you’d expect a lot of the finer details regarding how Sony would pay for this additional network infrastructure weren’t explored in the presentation, but Gaikai’s David Perry was rolled out onto the floor to talk about the ability to play a demo of any game in the newly designed PlayStation Store instantly thanks to the introduction of cloud gaming.

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4

Second Son sees a team of superheroes fighting back against an oppressive government. A bit like Civil War without the Marvel characters...

Perry also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 won’t support native backwards compatibility, instead the company will offer an emulation service with all previous games available for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 eventually made available online via a steaming framework. No time frame was discussed regarding this feature.

A new operating system interface was shown off the first time as well,  and looked distinctly  Windows 8-esque. It looked a far cry from the XrossMediaBar, but again more details will be forthcoming.

Thankfully where Sony was surprisingly forthright was what games would be available for this new platform. Blizzard came on stage to confirm that Diablo III would be heading to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and Bungie arrived en masse to offer up another gameplay-light demo of Destiny, which represented the first time the “connected-world shooter” was confirmed for a next gen platform proper.

The real stand outs for us though were a new demo for Watchdogs, and big reveals for Infamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch, a hyper-realistic racing game called Driveclub and a new Killzone subtitled Shadow Fall. There was also a new game from Sony’s Japan Studio called Knack, which was officially the first game revealed for the PlayStation 4, but we can’t for the life of us decipher what the game is actually about.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was the game of the show for us, mainly because it  boasted a live demo of the PlayStation 4 in action and we’ve that footage below:

As we said no price or release date has been confirmed for Europe regarding the PlayStation 4 but Shopto.Net have posted a new product page for the console sporting a £449.99 price tag. Seeing as Sony didn’t actually reveal what the PlayStation 4 actually looks like tonight we think that product page is a bit premature, but no doubt other retailers will follow suit tomorrow.

We’ll have more news about the PlayStation 4 in tomorrow’s issue of FirstLook magazine.


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    Sony Unveils PlayStation 4

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    1. Posted by Keith on March 25th, 2013, 14:00

      Great graphics and audio.The next generation of game console is here and I love the way it was done. I am so excited to have one of this.

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