Skylanders: Giants to be a “greater success” than original says Activision

Published on June 25th, 2012

“We’ve already got the buzz going” says mega-publisher.Skylanders: Giants to be a greater success than original says Activision

Publisher has claimed that Skylanders Giants will be “a greater success” than its predacessor Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

The Skylander’s sequel, in development with , is set to bring bigger toys to the game allowing you to control giant creatures in-game.

“We already have such brand awareness with our target demographic that we’re basically building off the back of that,” Activision’s Product Specialist Noah Kircher-Allen told GamerZines.

“What’s nice about this is we have the ground work in there as far as kids are talking about it on the playground.

“So I think we’ve got the buzz going and we think will be a greater success than Spyro’s Adventure, which is obviously not an easy task considering how successful it was. But we’ve got the frenzy out there and we’re giving our fans more Skylanders action.”

Last month, Activision confirmed that sales of the toy accessories for the Skylanders games had sold more than 30 million figures, a figure the publisher believed had exceeded sales of the first quarter sales of the Star Wars figurines.

Skylanders: Giants is due to launch this Autumn on multiple platforms with 20 new characters as well as a group of Series 2 models of previous figures.

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    Skylanders: Giants to be a greater success than original says Activision

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