Petition to Bring The Division to PC Surpasses 70,000 Signatures

Published on June 18th, 2013

Ubisoft Massive encourages fans to lend their support.

Petition to Bring The Division to PC Surpasses 70,000 Signatures

Do you want The Division on PC? You know what to do.

Tom Clancy’s The Division was one of the best surprises at E3 2013. The game’s persistent connected world and the apocalyptic ‘end of society as we know it’ setting clicked with people in a big way, so it was a shame when Ubisoft confirmed that there aren’t currently any plans to bring the third-person shooter to platforms other than Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Thankfully that oversight may about to change as an online petition to bring The Division to PC has surpassed 70,000 signatures and the game’s developers, Ubisoft Massive, have even lended their support to the efforts.

According to Dark Side of Gaming, the developers commented on a Machinima livestream that fans should, “‘sign petitions, get on the forums and post their requests.”

In the past Ubisoft has regularly brought their releases to PC, with forthcoming multi-format titles like Assasssin’s Creed: Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist all set to release for the world’s most ubiquitous open platform. We can’t see Tom Clancy’s The Division being left off that list, we suspect Ubisoft just aren’t talking about it yet.

That said, this petition is gaining attention within Ubisoft so perhaps the more signatures get added to it the more forthright the French publisher will be when it comes to a future port. We live in hope…


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    Petition to Bring The Division to PC Surpasses 70,000 Signatures

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