16 Person Multiplayer Confirmed for Grand Theft Auto V

Published on August 15th, 2013

See GTA Online in action right here!

Today Rockstar released a new trailer detailing ’s multiplayer functionality and unsurprisingly it looked freakin’ brilliant!

16 Person Multiplayer Confirmed for Grand Theft Auto V

The ability to create and share content in GTA V should extend interest in the sequel well past it's release.

In addition to the anticipated sequel’s story-driven campaign, players will be able to call in as many as fifteen of their friends into their game to either start dedicated competitive deathmatches, take part in races on land, sea or air, and to just mess around in the open world.

Players will be able to take part in numerous in-game activities with their friends including golf, special heist missions, skydiving and more. What’s really nifty is that each player’s progress during these activities will earn them cash which can be spent on applying persistent customisation touches to their character, be it clothes, hair, weapon or car choices.

Take a look for yourself…

While Grand Theft Auto V launches on September 15th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, GTA Online won’t be available until October 1st. This extra development time will allow Rockstar to further perfect the service and players more time to get to know the new and improved state of San Andreas before tackling this new open world with their mates.

Additionally Rockstar has also said that they will add to this game-mode with new content post-launch and there will also be a deathmatch and race editor available to all players, allowing everyone to create and share new content for GTA V freely. Not too shabby at all!


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    16 Person Multiplayer Confirmed for Grand Theft Auto V

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