Max Payne 3 Pits Cheater Against Cheater

Published on June 13th, 2012

Rockstar comes up with a novel solution to combat hackers and exploiters.

Max Payne 3 Pits Cheater Against Cheater

Cheaters may or may not look like this guy; we'd probably favour the latter.

Nobody likes cheaters. They ruin perfectly good multiplayer experiences and do so for easy extra kills and faux acclaim. Thankfully Rockstar harbours just as much malice towards exploiters and botters as we do, and they’ve set up a dedicated email address to allow players to report any naughty activity they witness on any server be it for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC.

“We’re aware that a small minority of players are spoiling the multiplayer experience for honest players with cheats and hacks, and while certain issues will be dealt with in forthcoming title updates, today we’d like to make it clear that anyone using these nefarious methods will be dealt with,” states a post on the official Rockstar blog.

“Anyone found to have used hacked saves, modded games, or other exploits to gain an unfair advantage in Max Payne 3 multiplayer, or to circumvent the leaderboards will be quarantined from all other players into a “Cheaters Pool”, where they’ll only be able to compete in multiplayer matches with other confirmed miscreants. In the event we decide to absolve any of these cheaters for their past transgressions they may re-enter play with the general public, however a second offense will result in their indefinite banishment. In either case, we will be removing invalid leaderboard entries to ensure that the players at the top of the charts have earned their spots fairly.”

Wow a cheaters pool, huh? That’s a pretty novel approach and certainly beats banning guilty players from Max Payne 3′s litany of multiplayer modes outright. We’d actually like to see a cheaters only match, just to see how combat pans out.

The blog post details the submission process in full and it’s certainly worth referring to if you witness any suspicious behaviour. Allowing a community to police itself is sometimes risky, but Rockstar has previously implemented a similar system for Red Dead Redemption and there weren’t too many problems.

For more insights into Max Payne 3, check out our review of the PC version here.


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    Max Payne 3 Pits Cheater Against Cheater

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