Yamauchi GT5 Still Not Perfect

Published on November 25th, 2010

You only need to head over to Metacritic to see that isn’t quite the game many had been hoping for, but even the game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi has admitted that the super-delayed racer is "still not perfect".

"We really wanted to make it incredible," said Yamauchi speaking to Eurogamer at launch yesterday, "and to make something incredible just takes time. But it’s still not perfect."

So why don’t you think it’s quite there, Kaz? Well, he’s not prepared to say exactly why or what updates his team is working on for GT5, but that the game will "keep evolving".

"That’s sort of a surprise we’re keeping for the future," when asked what Polyphony are going to be upgrading.

"Once games go online it’s no longer the type of thing where you just make it, hand it over to the players and they go out and play it. Games will keep evolving.

"Now it’s released we’re going to have several million people who’ll become citizens of Gran Turismo. From here on we have to listen to their voice and see what they want and change the game accordingly to match their needs. So Gran Turismo really is just at the starting point, it’s really the beginning and we’re just going to evolve from here."

Gran Turismo 5 launched yesterday exclusively on PlayStation 3 after numerous delays. The game currently holds a Metacritic rating of 87, arguably a little lower than many people had been expecting.

Look out for our review in next month’s issue of P3Zine, available to download for free from Thursday 2nd December.


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    Yamauchi GT5 Still Not Perfect

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