Treyarch IW Call Duty Differ

Published on July 20th, 2011

Treyarch has done things in Call of Duty that Infinity Ward “would never do”, IW’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has said, but thinks that the creative differences between the two teams has “been good for the franchise”.

“We’re in a fantastic place right now as a franchise,” said Bowling talking to GamerZines yesterday.

“What Treyarch has done – and what I actually think is fantastic where we are now – is they’ve really taken Call of Duty in a different direction. No longer are you getting the same game every year, but you’re getting a different style of the same core Call of Duty design.

“Every developer has their own personality and their own direction, and more so than ever we’re seeing people who really enjoy this style and the other. And it’s not a black and white good and bad; they’re very different experiences but in the same core gameplay.”

But Bowling believes that Treyarch’s alternate direction has “turned out fantastic”.

“Rather than trying to cannibalise each other, they do things that we would never do but have turned out fantastic – like their zombie modes – and added new features to multiplayer that we would never add, just because they’re a different style.”

But while discussing Black Ops’ ‘broken’ online multiplayer on PS3, we asked Bowling if he thought the brand was at threat from mistakes made by other teams.

“I don’t know. I think it’s important to make sure that as a whole we listen to feedback as a brand. When we go into development we’re making sure that we’re aware of what people want to see even if it wasn’t something that was in a game that we did. All I can say is that it’s our responsibility to make sure that we’re attending to anything.

“I know a big question early on for development on Modern Warfare 3 was ‘what’s the difference between 360 and PS3?’ We made it very clear that it’s always been an Infinity Ward standard to make sure that both platforms run equally and to make sure that they’re receiving the same attention, dedication and quality.”

Modern Warfare 3 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 8th.

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    Treyarch IW Call Duty Differ

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